Information on additional software in services provided by Treesat sp. z o.o.

Version 1.0

Dear User!

Treesat sp. z o. o. provides its services and offers products electronically. Here, in compliance with our legal obligations, we inform you what additional software and data you may find in our applications and on the website.

In our mobile applications we use:

  • software used to monitor and collect information on errors in operation (crash) in order to repair deficiencies and ensure the continuity of the provided services;
  • software enabling the display of our advertising content, or the content of other entities, for promotional purposes.

On our website and web applications, we use cookie technology and software used to monitor the number of views (and create statistical data) to adapt them to the needs of the recipient.

The programs and data listed above may affect your privacy. However, they are necessary to provide services at the highest level and to continuously develop the solutions offered.

We would like to assure you that we make every effort to ensure that our services and products are safe for Users.

Team Treesat sp. z o.o.